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Glam up in the Safest Burlington Barber Shop – Vincent’s Barber Shop is now OPEN!

Get groomed and sport a new look this holiday season. If you’re looking for some safe space to glam up and spend the holidays during these turbulent times, we’re happy to help you out. Working through the pandemic we’ve learnt a lot and adopted with the current situation to keep providing a reliable Burlington barber shop.

Understanding the present concerns, we’re always trying to maintain the safest practices to keep providing quality service. 

Glam up without no worries

Getting a fresh haircut is not only a necessity but can also give one a heap of confidence to face his challenges. Even though the pandemic has greatly changed our daily lives, we should stop living and feeling good.

Hence, to help you feel and look confident through the holidays, Vincent’s Barbershop open to help you look sharp and snazzy.

Shape Up or Shave Up at our Burlington Barber Shop

Innovations and new trends have taken over the men’s grooming in the past one year. Are you looking for a change in style or simply looking for a fresh trim? If you wish to catch up on the latest trends, the section below should help you out.

Controlled facial hair

Unkempt and out-of-control facial hair is out of fashion for 2020. Instead, there’ll be a return to a groomed and shaped style, with a trimmed and conditioned beard being a hot look for the new year.

The tidy look is in

Forget wild curls and dishevelled locks! The hot look for men for 2020 is set to be a tidy and well-groomed one, with shorter neat hair that’s kept under control. 

The clean traditional look

Maybe its time to leave that electric trimmer alone again. Wet clean shaves are making a comeback and seem set to make some changes in the men’s grooming trends. Have you been thinking about it as well?

If you wish to sport a new look or simply looking for a haircut, we here at one of the best Burlington barber shops are always happy to help. Book your appointments at Vincent’s Barbershop and get your desired look for the holidays.