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Trim Your Beard At Home Like The Best Salons in Burlington

The current global crisis has changed everything in our lives and has got us to re-evaluate and re-imagine a lot of things. From having second thoughts of frequenting departmental stores to paying a visit to your trusted barber. The popular and best salons in Burlington have resumed their service but still many people are skeptical about going to a barber.

This uncertainty has given men a opportunity to experiment with looks without any social pressure. Many are itching for a haircut or a fresh beard trimbut not really confident of voting a public place. Even the safest salons in Burlington have seen a dip in regular customers coming in for simple grooming.

So, if you’re also worried about uncertainties and wish to trim your beard at home, this blog is meant for you. Following these simple steps, you can easily trim your beard like a pro.

How to Trim Beard at Home like the Best Salons in Burlington

Start with a new and sharp pair of beard trimmers along with all necessary trimmer heads and combs.

Start with Neckline

Always start grooming your beard from the bottom, i.e the neckline.Start by making a mark right ober the Adam’s apple and then cut a natural curved line, to the right and left,  from the mark over your Adam’s apple. Then clean all the remaining hair below the fresh cut line.

Groom the Sideburns & Cheekline

When the neckline is done and looking sharp, you need to take care of the side burns. They’re often overlooked and eventually looks unkempt. Start by cleaning from both sides of the sideburn to get the desired looks. If you’re also looking to trim down the side burn, simly use the desired length settings and gently trim it.

When done with your sideburns, its time to take care of the cheekline.To groom this part, simple make a fresh cut with a line connecting the mustache to the sideburns. Keep a little bit of the natural curve.

The Moustache

Now we move onto the trickiest part of the work. Most prefer to get their moustaches groomed from only the best salons in Burlington, let alone do it by themselves. Trimming a moustache totally depends on your preference and your beard style. Some go for longer moustaches while others stick to light and trimmed ones. Pick a trimming length that’ll go with your beard and simply trim off the moustache the way you want it. The technique is key here, just follow the pattern of your facial hair. Trim with the grains.

And that’s all, you’re done.

Now you too can have a perfectly groomed beard and mustache at home. Yes, it might feel a bit tricky and dangerous at first, but practice makes perfect. The safest salons in Burlington are providing service, but in this situation, one can choose to take extra precautions.